Opening our home to a good cause

We have been looking for this for a long time. Through a family who were our guests during the summer we got in touch with the Kinderdroomwens foundation. We were both so excited and very soon we had reserved the autumn vacations for 3 families. Kinderdroomwens foundation picked these families and we made the program and were busy planning this party week. I asked through crowdfunding if friends would like to donate in any form. And how grateful we are to know so many kind people. Colleagues, friends, the mayor from our village, neighbors, relatives and anyone else I forgot. It was really great to do! You guys make the world beautiful!

Week Foundation Children’s Dream Wish 2021

In the summer we were all called 
and Monique from the Kinderdroomwens foundation told us
that we could go on a great adventure, very far away
together with two other families just away.
The fun began very quickly in the Netherlands
We had landed in a fantastic dream.
We started talking about what it would be like in Austria
In our conversations everything was already so nice
The weeks passed slowly and seemed to last forever
We counted the days and the hours
And then all our stuff and suitcases were ready
The moment of departure was finally there
Hours in the car what a long way it was
But all that driving was worth it!
The mountains so incredibly beautiful
In their beautiful autumn glory
And then the B & B what a breathtaking beautiful house
We felt so very much at home here
Bert and Linda what a lovely people
A nicer host and hostess we could not wish
So much love that we felt here
Sometimes with a smile or a tear we had fun
A week in which we could enjoy each other without worries
Sometimes we touched a sensitive chord
Horseback riding in the mountains a dream come true for many
Standing on top of a 2000 meter high mountain sharing together
Delicious breakfast at the beginning of the day
Linda comes to tell us what we are going to do always with a smile
Every day was a big party and so special for everyone.
Sailing on the Weissensee, delicious cake made by friends
So special that we all deserved this
A BBQ, photo shoot, bingo, there is no end to it
With the cable car to the top and eat an Austrian schnitzel totally top
Our memories of this week we will forever carry in our hearts
We are very grateful to you
Hopefully we will stay in touch
And we can say goodbye in another year