Cross-country skiing in Weissbriach and surroundings
There are no less than four trails in our immediate vicinity, one of which runs directly past our Berghaus. There are also several beautiful trails around the Weissensee and at Nassfeld. Trails come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone’s level. We are of course happy to help with this.

What do I need and what are the costs for cross-country skiing
To be able to cross-country ski you need slats, shoes, and sticks. You can purchase this from us or from the local rental company. We have limited material available for our guests. In Gitschtal (our immediate vicinity) the use of the trails is free. In other areas, adults often pay a small contribution for the use of the trails.

Toboggan run in Weissbriach
The toboggan run in Weissbriach is called the Berggeist toboggan run and starts at the Berggeisthütte. It runs directly along the ski slope in the middle of our own ski area Weißbriach. To get there, you go up the slope bully style and enjoy a beautiful view. Once at the top and before the toboggan ride down, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the Berggeisthütte. Then follows the great trip down. The floodlit toboggan run is over 3 km long and leads through a prepared forest area to the valley of Weißbriach. From our own experience we can guarantee that all in all this is a great and unforgettable activity.

What are the costs for tobogganing
For the ride with the piste bully up and the toboggan ride down you pay 15 euros per person. This does not include the optional meal at the Berggeisthütte.