Garnitzenklamm and the Eggeralm

The Garnitzenklamm is a 6 km long gorge dug in a rock of the Alps and is one of the most beautiful gorges in Austria. It is about 30 min away by car. What a nature experience! You must have seen this.

Thundering waterfalls, steep cliffs, emerald coves, colorful rock and rock formations, spectacular climbing systems as well as rare, protected plants and potholes formed over millions of years make this gorge one of the most beautiful in the Alps.

The Egger Alm is located on the Carnic Main Ridge in Carinthia and is about 40 min away from us. When you pass the Garnitzenklamm the road goes up with many curves. In terms of huts the Egger Alm is one of the most rustic mountain pastures of Carinthia.

From here the Eggeralmsee, the Dellacher and Poludnig Alm and the panoramic mountain Poludnig can be visited. From this mountain you have a beautiful panoramic view.