Discover the Carinthia on a motorcycle

From lengthy day trips along winding mountain routes, romantic panoramic routes with breathtaking views to leisurely trips around the lakes – in Carinthia motorcyclists will be in their element. The well-maintained roads, excellent signage and super-fast breakdown assistance make motorcyclists feel safe on their discovery trips.

At the intersection of Germanic, Romanesque and Slavic influences, you are within 30 minutes from Weissbriach via glittering mountain pass in Italy for a delicious breakfast, lunch in the afternoon in Slovenia and in the evening enjoy the famous Wienerschnitzel again with us in the village. With the great passes in our backyard you can make a party of every day!

On request we are happy to tour with you as a guide or as a driver, we have a breakdown service on the road, possibly escort by bus and if you get stranded we have a decent motor ambulance to bring you safely back to our home. Get acquainted with the FlyTour packages where we make sure your own motorcycle is on the driveway with us and you arrive relaxed by plane, ask for possibilities.

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