Discover the beautiful Weissbriach

Here are our favourite activities for in and around our Weissbriach.

Catholic Church
We look out on a small sweet catholic church. There are 2 ways to walk to it, either by road or through our garden and farmland. Especially in the evening it is a beautiful sight because the church is beautifully lit. I think it’s very special that we look out on a church that also has a beautiful construction (light color stone) and is completely restored. Church days in Austria have always been special in the annual cycle and are strongly influenced by customs in the Gitschtal. This includes setting up the church day tree, the church dance and the early wake-up call on Sunday mornings.

Evangelical Church
Our village also has an evangelical church that stands on top of a mountain in our village. It is a slightly steep walk to it but has a beautiful view over our village. The church also has Sunday morning services that start at 9.00 am. The church reminds me of our little church in Vierpolders where I spent my youth and where I was baptized as well. For me this is very valuable and I am really looking forward to the first service we will experience. Unfortunately because of the corona virus we have to postpone this for a while. In the meantime we have been there a couple of times. The church has been made corona proof so that everyone can go to the service safely with a mouth mask of course.

Spar supermarket
Every morning we walk around together with our dog Buddy and end up at the Spar (supermarket in Weissbriach). It is not only your shopping but also show your face in this cozy Spar. It surprises me how varied they are, fresh bread and good meat and also the fruits and vegetables are nice and fresh. Maybe not as much as we were used to in the Netherlands but that doesn’t matter. You can pin here.

The Bakery
The baker/café Steinwender in Weissbriach is opposite our street on the main road. It is not only a bakery but also a lunchroom where you can have a drink at the bar in the evening. The bread and pastries can also be ordered for the next day. You just can’t pin here. Sunday morning the bakery is open and Monday it is closed.

The bank
At the Raiffeissenbank in Weissbriach you can walk inside where you can also use pins. Always handy because we cannot be pinned. The bank is located in the centre.

The hairdresser
The Weissbriach hairdresser is also located on the main road. Unfortunately I can’t use it here yet because of the corona virus.

The swimming pool
The public swimming pool in Weissbriach is called Erlebnisschwimmbad von Gitschtal. Experience fun for the whole family in the outdoor pool in Weißbriach. Enjoy the peace and quiet on their sunny sunbathing lawn. In addition to the heated swimming pool and recreational facilities, there is a beach volleyball court, a bouncy castle for children and a 40 m water slide. There is a children’s pool for the little ones. Great to have a swimming pool next door. It is only 5 minutes’ walk from us. There is also a nice children’s playground just outside the pool. At the pool you can also have a snack or drink. Ask for the guest card because of the discount you get.

Click to this website
and you’ll immediately understand why we moved here. Here you can get a lot of information about cycling routes, hiking trails and many more activities what there is to do in Weissbriach. Every year we get an agenda from the tourist office of all the markets in our neighborhood. In the folder at the bottom of the table.

Tennis court
In Weissbriach there is also a tennis court. The Wiedner family welcomes you. Our tennis club is located in the forest in the beautiful Gitschtal and is open from May to October. On a quiet location and in a pleasant atmosphere you can actively enjoy an hour or two on the tennis court.

The village also has a cozy camping Alpendorf which is located on the ski slope. Take a look at their website under activities. We spent the night there ourselves with our camper with a lot of fun. Very nice village camping!

On the main street is also the Gitschtalschmiede home museum, a free small historical museum in Weissbriach which preserves old crafts in Gitschtal. There is also a lot for sale such as handicrafts from the locals. In winter they also organize winter torchlight tours and in summer historical evening walks through Weissbriach. I take a nice point from their individual program open forge, namely the tradition of “beer spur” with tasting. Take a look at their website

Glass art studio
Handmade glass ideas for home and garden are for sale at the glass art studio in Weissbriach such as window decorations, home accessories and garden decorations. Andrea Malowerschnig was born in Weissbriach in 1960. From 1975-1979 she attended the glass school in Kramsach, Tyrol, where she learned the trade of glass engraving. From 1979-1983 she worked as a glass engraver in Rattenberg, Tirol. Subsequently she founded a glass engraving workshop in her hometown Weißbriach, where she still works as a freelance glass artist.

Ski slope
We also have our own family ski slope in Weissbriach with a cozy ski bar where you can have a bite to eat or play a game and which is only open in winter. There is 4 km of slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Two red and two blue slopes. The skiers have access to a total of 3 elevators. This winter sports area is located at an altitude of 820 to 1,150 m.

In only 15 minutes (8 km) you reach the Weißensee. Here you can make beautiful walking routes as well as cycling routes on different levels. The Weissensee is a beautiful mountain lake in Austria and is located in the federal state of Carinthia and is 12 km long at an altitude of 930 meters. It is also called the playground of nature because there is plenty to do. In summer it is very touristy because of the cozy restaurants and summer activities around the lake. So you can go mountain biking, canoeing, suppen but also with the boat that leaves every fifteen minutes. In winter you can of course skate, ski but also beautiful hiking. The Weissensee in the Netherlands is mainly known for the Alternative Eleven Cities Tour which starts at the end of January each year. Want to know more about the Weissensee? Then take a look here.

At Lake Weissensee the ski elevator to the Naggleralm is also open in summer. Here you can take a beautiful walk down, with magnificent views over the Weissensee.
(2.5 hours walk). Upstairs is an Almhutte where you can have lunch especially the Jaussenplatte is a must! All fresh products from this Alm! Elevator is free with churn card. Also the parking fee will be refunded.

If you go from Weissbriach to the Weissensee you come at the end of the pass at a T-junction here you turn right, immediately after the junction you turn left to gasthof Tschabitser, nice way up, you can eat and drink, with a beautiful view to the Drautal!

The Pressegger See (12 km) offers other possibilities for a family vacation in the summer in Carinthia because it is located in the middle of mountains, forests and meadows. With a water temperature up to 28 ° C it is the “Bathtub of the Gail Valley” one of the warmest lakes in Austria and therefore opens the swimming season in Carinthia at an early stage. Of course you can also go hiking there.

At about 15 min drive you come to the next village Hermagor. You have the larger supermarkets outside the center. The center itself is small but cozy with a nice coffee and lunch restaurants such as Semmelrock but also with an Italian Mari e Monti where we had delicious pasta and an Asian restaurant May for lovers. You can also reach Hermagor by bike. The first is a beautiful route through the woods and several nice villages and starts behind the church. The path ends at backerei Moritz

Tea garden
You can also go to the tea garden “Das Kleines Paradies” in Jaderhof for a small snack (if you show our map you will get a little surprise) then a piece of dirt road and then you can continue to Hermagor but it is (still) an unpaved road.

Ski resort Nassfeld
Ski resort Nassfeld with 110 km of ski slopes! You must experience this! Read more about this activity here.

Nassfeld golf course
Less than 20 minutes drive away is the beautiful golf course of Nassfeld. Experience pure golf on their beautiful, very well maintained 18-hole golf course, amidst the impressive mountains (ski area Nassfeld, nature arena Weissensee)!

Villach is about 45 minutes from us and that’s where we find the bigger stores. For the rainy days there is an indoor shopping mall Atrio. Small tip: after 16.00 hours you can have a bite to eat in the restaurant of the interspar in shopping mall Atrio for half the price. Villach also has a Thermal resort hot tub which is also worth a visit. A delicious and cozy restaurant Racers in Villach where we have already eaten a few times. Highly recommended!

Tips for children
For children there is plenty to do so I got some tips from my friend Sandra:
On top of the area Nassfeld is a beautiful hiking trail with information for children about mountain water (aqua trail), there is also plenty to play with, very worthwhile! You can also take the toboggan run down from here. Also take the Millennium Express elevator from Tropolach. Near the restaurant Christal there is a nice climbing course for children from 6 years and older, you can abseil on different levels (flying fox).

You can also walk down from the water park, along the signposted route to the Rossalmhutte, a very nice hut where especially the milkshake and yogurt with forest fruits is delicious, fresh from the Alpine cows. And there is speckbroth! They have no electricity and put everything cool in containers where mountain water steams through. Luckily there is a toilet here.

If you walk down from this hut to the mittel station after about 500 meters you often see Murmeltieren, a kind of mountain marmots on the right side between the rocks, they make a loud whistling sound when they warn each other of danger. Nice to watch out for! Hut is open until the end of September. It is a very nice route but think of good footwear! Apenberg and Schloss Landskron, located behind Villach towards Ossiacher See, nice to go with the kids (free with the churn card).

You can make a nice day trip to the Grossglockner. It is at a reasonable distance from our Berghaus (45 min). It is more than worth it. The road to it is already an experience.

Venice is good to do, within 2.5 hours you are there. Drive to punta Sabioni and park your car there, from there take the bus to the boat directly to the city. The Adriatic coast is also easily accessible eg Lignano, it costs about € 15 toll there and back.

If you are good at hairpin bends and are not afraid of narrow roads then the Eggeralm is a must, here spring only begins at the end of May, the cows and horses run loose, there is a cheese farm where you can buy fresh products and also delicious and cozy food. And there is also a stube called Rudi’s restaurant where you can get the delicious Kaiserschmarrn. You can park your car on the Alm and from here you can walk in the beautiful Alpine world. You can also continue on a partly unpaved road to the Dellacheralm. You can also walk there of course!

At the bottom of the road to the Eggeralm you will pass the Garnitzenklamm, you can walk beautifully, but not with small children. It is quite a climb, there are 4 levels but pay attention once you have had the first 2 levels and you don’t want to go any further you can’t go back because it’s too narrow. You have to walk to the top and walk back to the parking lot.

At the parking lot at the Garnitzenklamm is restaurant Klammwirt, very nice for a snack or a drink. There is also an 8 person cabin that you can reserve in the evening to eat, the chef cooks for only you in that cabin!

Daytrip Kransjka Gora (Slovenia)
Via the autobahn direction Villach follow the signs to the Wurzenpass and drive to Slovenia , here you can buy tax free at the border! There is also a war museum there.
Drive on to Kranskagora, it is a nice place to visit, you can also drive to the reservoir, it is beautiful blue water and there are picnic spots on the water.

If you drive further up you come in the rugged mountain world, follow the signs to the Russian Chapel, it is a monument in memory of Russian prisoners of war who were killed by an avalanche in the 1st World War. It is a small chapel but very nice to visit.

If you drive further up you will reach the pass height with stunning views, looks like the Pyrenees, just worth it! You can also make beautiful walks.

Day trip to the Worthersee
The Worthersee trip is in winter and summer with bright really beautiful. In the Advent season there is a cozy Christmas market. Drive to the autobahn direction Klagenfurt, turn off in the direction of Felden am Worthersee. Here is a beautiful promenade where you can take a free boat or enjoy the surroundings, here is the Schloss am Worthersee , where many music films were recorded with Roy Black, there is also a monument of his. Then you drive on to Maria Worth where you will see two very old pilgrimage churches with a beautiful view.

From there you drive to the Pyramid Wing, which is well signposted. It is the highest wooden lookout tower in the world with a breathtaking view, even if you don’t dare to enter the tower from the parking lot you have a nice view over the Worthersee (free with the churn card). You can also take the longest slide in Europe down (do pay) or abseil for the daredevils among us! After the visit to the tower you can go to minimondus something like Madurodam in Klagenfurt (free with churn card) and the reptiles zoo (also free of charge).

Maltatal hochalps
Maltatal hochalpen strasse with Kohlbrein sperre, day trip where you can picnic in the rough nature for free with churn card. Upstairs is a beautiful reservoir (free with the churn card). Do bring a jacket, it can be cold upstairs!

Dobratsch , Villacher Alpenstrasse
Beautiful day trip with beautiful views and every parking lot has other beautiful viewpoints, especially after the alpengarten do not skip the parking lot, here is a viewpoint with a castellated floor above 400 meters abyss! At the top of the large parking lot is a nice hut to eat Rosstratten called this. From here you can walk beautifully up to the next hut, or walk to a viewpoint to spot chamois. There are many information boards along the way about the chalk time when the Dobratsch was still a sea. The road is a toll road and costs €16, but is again free with the churn card!

The Maibachl is also located along this route for a nice swim. If the source does it, you can ask via facebook by becoming a friend of Maibachl, you can ask via messenger if you can swim, you will get an answer right away.

Klagenfurt altstadt
At Klagenfurt altstadt you can also park cheaply at the City arcades, under the market it costs 3.70 per 45 minutes. Big place where you will find the Ikea.

Tarvisio is located in Italy and is known for its Mercato, you can haggle for clothes, leather and shoes. Hot is not as nice as it used to be but the village is cozy and there are cozy restaurants.

Lienz is also a very nice and cozy place that is definitely worth a visit.

Nice eateries nearby
I’ve already mentioned them a bit here and there (I also have them all in a separate folder):

  • Gasthof Waldemar in Hermagor is nice to eat because of the beautiful view, reserve the Wintergarten there you have the most beautiful view.
  • Grunwald in St Daniel also has a beautiful garden where you can sit in the summer.
  • Restaurant Schloss Lerchenhof or Barenwirt in Hermagor.
  • Gasthaus Wulz am Greifenburg Herberg und Biershop (special beers with a bitterball)

But also in our own village: Hotel Brunnwirt We have already eaten there a few times and it was always very cozy and good food. Landhof Schober, Hotel Loffele, Hotel Naggler or Amicis by the pool. Our village also has a vegan house restaurant Haus 26. Definitely a must.

We have great hiking trails that you can walk from our Berghaus. Berggeisthutte runs next to the ski slope or to the Moselalm. In summer, every Thursday between half past 8 and half past 10 a breakfast buffet is served for tourists in this typical austrian alpine hut. You can hike there (about half an hour) or let yourself be picked up with a covered wagon.

Spa bath
At 3 min walking distance there is a spa bath with several saunas and a swimming pool. So just relax. Indoor pool for external guests is open from 11:00 am to 21:00 pm. Also the use of the sauna (open from 14:00 to 21:00) is included in the daily price.

Day ticket adults € 10,00
Day ticket children (6-11 years) € 5,50

the Kärnten Card
With the Kärnten Card
you can not only visit more than 100 excursion destinations as often as you like, but also get great discounts or benefits in kind from more than 60 bonus partners! Many great destinations, numerous restaurants, leisure and sports providers as well as cultural events throughout Carinthia participate and look forward to your visit. Show the Carinthia Card and you will enjoy the bonus benefits!

Fly to Austria
There are two airports in Austria and Slovenia that can take you to Klagenfurt and Ljubljana. From there you can rent a car or take the flixbus. There is also a night train from Amsterdam to Spittal or Villach from 65 euros.

Yoga online
Every Sunday morning I follow yoga online via zoom with Atossa Atabaki. A yoga teacher who gives half an hour of yoga. Do you want to join? Let me know, I have enough mats (cost € 5).

Drinks board at the Berghaus Weissbriach
We also provide in our garden/terrace a drink board, sandwiches, French fries but also drinks.