Our third blog (december 2021)

We are really starting to feel at home now and to believe that this is totally our place, because yes it took quite some time. But we have come to love the country like a real Austrian does. 

What have we done and experienced? I worked at the alpine holiday park in Reisach. A family campground in the mountains with 14 log cabins and a nature pool. I got to be part of the team that does everything they can to make the camping guests feel comfortable. 

And yes, organizing my first wedding was genuinely a treat for me and I am genuinely proud of what we have achieved. Getting married in Austria is very special after all. Celebrating a wedding experience together with the family, relatives or friends makes it very intimate. We found the best wedding officiant and together with my friend Sandra we came up with the most beautiful dishes. Thinking back on the whole day gives me butterflies in my stomach all over again. This is something I will really think about for years to come!

We had the opportunity to participate in the television program “B&B full of love”. Our friend Caroline owned a beautiful B&B in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Unfortunately we did not meet a man, but we do have some beautiful memories.

That is how we got to know Gita who has become wheelchair dependent from June 2017. What an inspiring woman she is and what a great time we had with her and her husband. She will be training for the handbike battle on June 23, 2022. The Handbike Battle is a handbike race in Austria, for people with disabilities. Gita we are going to follow you! Good luck!

Last autumn vacation we were able to give a fantastic week to three families in collaboration with the Kinderdroomwens foundation. A fantastic foundation that helps families with a traumatic experience. What a cool thing to do! So grateful, again I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this. My dream has come true thanks to the Kinderdroomwens foundation! Monique thank you!

On the front page of “our” Apeldoorn newspaper is of course the icing on the cake! We could tell our story about the corona, lockdown and what it does to us. We are pleased that so many people sympathize with us. Uncertainty among Veluwe entrepreneurs in Austria by lockdown just before ski season: ‘Worrying’ | Corona | destentor.nl

Our own “Badeplatz Stephan” for moments to chill by the water or take a splash on hot days. Brenda and Stephan with their sweet dog Mexx have here 4 weeks the apartment Nassfeld booked and that was really a little party! Hope to see you soon!

The entrance/entrance to our Berghaus has been given a metamorphosis with a heated ski room. In the garden we will have a stube with a scaffold wood kitchen and a pallet stove. But the best is yet to come because next year our daughter is getting married. “You know us so well and you know better than anyone how to turn our day in 2022 into a wedding that suits us. Together we celebrate love!

Finally, we wish everyone lots of love and happiness for the coming year 2022 and we toast to a healthy and loving year. Make beautiful memories together!

Gruss gott, Bert und Linda

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