Our first blog (October 2019)

Yeahhhh our first blog on our own website! How incredibly cool is this as we look forward to our beautiful and exciting adventure. 

Who are we? My name is Linda and I currently work as a management assistant at the municipality and my husband Bert works at a medical company in Amersfoort. 

We love nature and are passionate about outdoor pursuits such as cycling and hiking, it’s just wonderful being outside in the open air! 

We have 4 children who we love very much, without their support we would never have been able to do this.  Our “son/daughters in law” are also outstanding with their support and we are so happy with everyone in our extended family. 

Another 2 months and then I bid goodbye to the municipality of Apeldoorn after having enjoyed working there for 15 years.
But we are both ready for a new challenge so why not follow your feelings and take this great exciting opportunity together? 

Now we are moving it is time to clean up and start to pack all our belongings, which is certainly a very good thing as while we are not a hoarding family we have a lot of space and if you have space you keep everything hahahahah!
Since we started sorting everything we have discovered the most beautiful items that we forgot we even owned! 

Next time I will tell you more about how we came to this “big” step of buying our Berghaus in Weissbriach, Austria. 

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